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EXCLUSIVE: Turmoil in Morocco as national team coaches near the exit door

Only a few months after being hired, João Aroso and Sergio Piernas could be on their way out.

It was last year that Moroccan football federation embarked on what was supposed to be a groundbreaking project. The highly praised Osian Roberts came in as technical director and quickly established a group expected to take the Atlas Lions to a new level.

But so far things have not run as smoothly as expected. Attempted forgery, heated altercations and an underwhelming webinar, combined with disappointing results for both the U20’s and the U17’s, have seemingly pushed Fouzi Lekjaa to the limit already.

The FRMF President is not happy with how the technical department has been run so far and it could very well be head coaches of the mentioned youth categories who will take the first bullets. According to our sources, Lekjaa has not been convinced by the technical level of Aroso or Piernas, added to the fact that the latter conducted an interview with Spanish media, which caused upset inside the federation. The dismissal of the two coaches could be finalized very soon.

Aside from that, Lekjaa has already put a stop to the coaching webinars after the inaugural session, following criticism and general dissatisfaction among coaches. It was described as chaotic and hard to understand, with the educators mostly communicating in English and a poor level of French.


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