Heated altercations between Roberts and President of regional league

The difficulties won’t end for Osian Roberts as technical director of the Moroccan football federation.

Just as you thought Roberts couldn’t get a more challenging beginning to his journey in Morocco, things took another turn on Saturday, when the Welshman got into a heated altercation during a meeting in the FRMF offices.

The man he was discussing with, was Hakim Doumou, a powerful member of the FRMF commitee and leader of the youth football commission in Morocco. In addition to this, Doumou is also President of the Gharb league, which is a regional league in the Western part of the country, where clubs such as FAR, FUS, KAC and IZK reside.

Maghrib Foot have previously revealed that “certain people” within the federation were unhappy with Roberts for wanting to personally approave coaches and heads of development in each regional league. One of them is Doumou, who feels like Roberts is trying to undermine the abilities of the regional league Presidents and wants completely freedom when it comes to how the leagues are run.

We understand that the new technical director had agreed a meeting with Doumou on Saturday where the latter presented four staff members, whom Roberts wanted to take an exam before being accepted. This caused a heated argument, as the league President had no intentions of letting his men undergo any sort of tests.

He went on to criticize the Welshman for poor work during his first few months at the helm of FRMF’s technical directorate, and reminded him of his own position in the federation, expecting to be treated as such. It remains to be seen whether or not Roberts are able to get his intended plans across, or if the parties working against him, would be too much to handle.

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