BREAKING: Wydad appeals to CAS for Champions League title

The Moroccan league champions claim the rights to the trophy even before the scheduled replay of the scandalous game in Radès.

Wydad Athletic Club have decided to appeal the decision by CAF to replay the return-leg of the Champions League final against Espérance, after the events which took place in Tunisia a couple of weeks ago now. Moroccan sports broadcaster Arryadia report that the club have reach out to CAS, the Court of Arbitration and Sport, to resolve the matter.

CAF announced on June 5th, that the second leg of the CAF Champions League final would be replayed on neutral ground, citing that security conditions were not met in Radès. As a result, Wydad have referred to article seven in competition rules, stating that if the referee is obliged to stop the match before its end, because of pitch invasion or aggression from the stands, the hosting team will lose the match and consequently get eliminated from the competition.

The Reds believe that they are the rightful champions, even before an eventual replay of the second leg and want CAS to resolve the case and hand them the title. Espérance on the other hand, are also expected to appeal the initial decision of a replay.


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