El Ahmadi eyeing Qatar move after the World Cup

The midfield maestro could be on his way back to the Arabian Peninsula after this summer’s FIFA World Cup.

At the age of 33, Karim El Ahmadi has realized that he might not have much time left as a player in one of the biggest leagues in Europe. The Feyenoord captain won the Eresdivisie last year and has been integral part of their recent history, but everything comes to an end.

In a statement quoted by Dutch media, El Ahmadi reveals that he is considering a move abroad after the World Cup in Russia. He have already been on loan to UAE club, Al Ahli, and could now be on his way back to a similar location.

“Right now I still have a year left on my contract and will focus on the upcoming World Cup. But I am 33 years old now and a new adventure abroad could be interesting”, said El Ahmadi, who are not too keen on what seems to be a popular destination these days: “I don’t think China would be a good idea, but on the other hand, Qatar or Dubai would be fun.”

Considering his age, you can’t really blame El Ahmadi for thinking about a move to a country like Qatar. The most important thing now is for him to keep his focus on Feyenoord and try to be in best possible shape ahead of the World Cup.

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