Former Atlas Lions headed for relegation

Oussama Assaidi, Mounir El Hamdaoui and Adnane Tighadouini are nearing relegation with Twente.

Things have not gone according to plan for Twente this season as they are now seven points behind from Breda, who holds the 15th place above the relegation zone. It will be the first time “The Tukkers” are out of the Eresdivisie in 34 years. Three former Moroccan internationals are at the club currently, but none of them seem to be able to rescue the club at this point.

Oussama Assaidi is Twente’s top goalscorer this season, with eight goals in total, and have found back to old form. Unfortunately, he have missed the last weeks through a knee injury and Twente have yet to win a game since. The skillful winger, with two goals for the national teams, is one who definitely belong in the Eresdivisie, but have not had much help from his teammates.

Mounir El Hamdaoui was a praised striker during his time at Ajax, but that is many years ago now. The 33 year old signed for Twente in January as a free agent in hopes of helping them survive, but his injuries have continued to haunt him. In total, El Hamdaoui have played a total of 88 minutes this season and it’s proably only a matter of time before he hang up his boots. Meanwhile, Adnane Tighadouini arrived on loan from Málaga in the summer, but have failed to live up to the expectations. He does have four goals, which is actually third best in the team, but that honestly tells you more abut Twente this season, rather than Tighadouini’s performances.

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